How can I purchase a Keeper

Call AIS at 304 725-4801 or visit our contact page.

Do you custom-build Keepers

Yes, to a certain extent. The tray configuration and styling of AIS Keepers can be customized to suit your needs. However, we only offer certain size widths and depths. All vendors are 72” tall.

Who can I get to service the Keeper units

The distributor, from whom the vendor was purchased, should be your first line of service. If you bought direct, call the AIS factory at (304) 725-4801. This is also true for parts and warranties.

Is my Keeper under warranty

AIS vendors have a factory warranty of three years or less depending on the part. The warranty applies to the original purchaser only (most likely a distributor). Most distributors offer the factory warranty, BUT ARE NOT UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO DO SO.

Can I buy my parts direct

Parts must be purchased from a distributor. AIS can drop ship parts directly, but the order and billing must go through a distributor.

How can I get a service and parts manual

Service and Part manual is available for download.

How do I know what version of software I have

If you go to your Keeper Care Dashboard, then go to the "Help" option on the main screen. Open the link "Keeper Care System" title and you will see your version of software displayed.

Can I connect more than one Keeper to a PC at one location

Yes. Purchase a network switch and connect a cat-5 cable from that switch to your newly installed Keeper.

If you have additional questions please contact your AIS Regional Sales Manager or AIS at (304) 725-4801.